AT&T UVerse Coupon Code

AT&T U-verse coupon codes and promotional codes are offered to those customers who sign-up online. You’ll find the best AT&T U-verse coupons and promotional offers listed below. As you will see, ordering online enables you to get the best discounts arounds. AT&T U-verse typically offers more promotions than they do actual coupons, so all you need to do is click on one of the links below to get your discount. Review the AT&T U-verse coupons, and find a promotion that meets your needs. If a coupon code is required, enter it at checkout, and verify that the discount was applied.

Promotions for June, 2012

Offer #1 - Click here to see all of the AT&T U-verse offers and get up to $250 in promotion cards when you order U-verse deals online! Also, no activation fee! TV/Internet activation fee is waived for online orders only.

Offer #2 - Click here to get U-family TV, Internet Pro and Voice 250 for $79/mo for 12 months, and receive a $250 promotion card!

Offer #3 - Click here for the U-family TV and Internet Pro deal with HD-ready DVR, downstream speeds up to 3.0 Mbps for $49/month for 6 months. You also receive a $150 promo card.

Offer #4 - Click here to get U-family TV for $29/month for 6 months, including up to 130 channels and a DVR + get a $50 promo card!

Offer #5 - Click here for existing AT&T wireless customers to save a bundle by adding U-verse TV and Internet to their wireless service for only $49/mo for 12 months.

Offer #6 - Click here to save on DSL Direct when you bundle it with wireless from AT&T, all without the need for local phone service starting at $14.95/mo for 12 months! (see restrictions)

Offer #7 - Click here to get AT&T’s latest Bundle deals online!

AT&T U-verse experience

The reviews for AT&T U-verse from DSLReports have been favorable. Often cited are good HD channel selection, a DVR that lets you record up 4 shows at once. Moreover, the HD quality has been reported as very good. In addition you receive a 30 day money-back guarantee and a professional standard installation included with U-family or higher TV packages.