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    New Verizon FIOS Promotion Codes 

    Verizon FIOS promotion code

    We’ve worked hard to make sure you have access to the best Verizon FIOS promotion code content the web has to offer. 2012 offers many amazing online deals for Verizon FIOS packages, and we’ve made sure you have access to the best of them right here. In the following package deals you’ll find offers ranging from package deals that save you a fortune to offers for free equipment and cash back gift cards. Every offer is a little bit different, so make sure you read through the details in order to select something that will give you the service you want at the price you want to pay.

    Each of the following offers will go through on Verizon’s website when you click through from this page, so make sure you activate your favorite offer by clicking the provided link.

    Verizon FIOS Promotion Codes Updated July, 2014:

    1. See all of the Verizon Bundles and Special Offers. including a FREE LG G Pad 8.3 LTE or up to $200 off any tablet with the purchase of new FiOS TV or Internet service. New 2-yr Verizon Wireless activation required.

    2. Verizon FiOS Triple Play Promotion – the Verizon FiOS amazing Triple Play promotion that gets you phone, television, and Internet service for just $89.99 for 2 years with a 2 year contract. The deal includes $250 prepaid card, FREE activation, and your option to add HBO + Cinemax at 50% off for 12 months.

    3. Verizon Business Bundle starting at $89.99. The Verizon Business Bundle includes High Speed or FiOS Internet + Business Phone with Unlimited Nationwide calling, two phone lines, no activation fee, and is available with a choice of no term contract or a two year agreement. See site for full details.

    4. Verizon High Speed Triple Play for only $69.99 per month for 1 year (2-year DIRECTV agreement required) including Verizon Internet + DIRECTV + Verizon Phone service with unlimited local and regional calling, NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2014, HBO®, Starz®, SHOWTIME® & Cinemax® for FREE for the first 3 months ($135 value), over 205 channels, 170 available in HD, and $5 per month discount.

    5. Verizon Double Play – Phone And Internet promotion that will allow you to receive Verizon unlimited regional and local calling and Internet for just $34.99 per month for one year. You’ll get an amazing deal on Internet and phone service that includes a $5 monthly discount.

    6. Verizon FIOS Double Play TV And Internet promotion that will net you Verizon’s amazing Double Play – FIOS Internet + FIOS TV Prime HD services with absolutely no long term contract for just $79.99 per month guaranteed for 1 year. You’ll get HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME & Cinemax® for FREE for the first 3 months ($135 value), and absolutely no activation fee or installation fee.

    7. Verizon High Speed Internet – for only $19.99/month with no contract, but you must have existing Verizon home phone service to get the deal.

    Personal Verizon FIOS Experience:

    I’ve enjoyed FIOS for Internet access for over three years now with no major problems. Speeds have always been great, even during peak hours. We enjoy our continuous 20MB download and 5MB upload connection speeds for all our Internet needs, and I’ve only seen a failure one time during a powerful storm. I’d recommend Verizon FIOS promotion code content as a way to get inexpensive Verizon services for anyone looking for the best Internet, TV, and phone deals around.

    Ordering over the phone won’t get you the same amazing deals you’ll find when you use Verizon FIOS promotion codes online, but you can still get amazing bundled service at a reasonable discount. You can get in touch with Verizon directly by calling 888-553-1555. You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number, and then sent to an answering system. You can usually skip the menu by simply pressing 0 at all of the prompts until you get a representative. You can find Verizon customer service information online by checking here.

    You can check through Verizon’s complete list of FIOS offers here.

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    Main Differences Among All iPhones 

    One of the best smartphones on the market today is the iPhone from Apple. The success of the iPhone seems to have surpassed what many thought it would become. Just like with its computers and laptops, Apple continues to reinvent its products. The iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s are examples.
    Furthermore, the Apple products have led to a host of secondary industries, such as application development and even secondary application distribution programs such as Cydia. There are even a host of Cydia Apps that can provide productivity enhancements not necessary seen in the standard Apple approved apps.


    Main Differences Among All iPhones


    So what is the difference among the iPhone 5s, 5c and 4s?

    The iPhone 5s comes in silver, space gray and gold. The iPhone 5c comes in white, pink, yellow, blue, and green. The iPhone 4s only comes in either black or white. The iPhone 5s is 4.87 inches in height, 2.31 inches in width and weighs 3.9oz; the 5c is 4.90 in height, 2.33 inches in width and 4.65 oz. in weight; the 4s is 4.5 inches tall, 2.31 inches wide and weighs 4.9 oz.

    The iPhone 5s is the only version with a fingerprint identity sensor. The 5s and 5c have 4-inch diagonal retina displays and 1136 x 640 resolution. The 4s is slightly lower at 3.5 inches for its retinal display and has a 960 x 640 resolution. The iPhone 5s has a sapphire crystal lens cover and slo-mo video capability that the others don’t offer. The 5s and 5c can take still photos while in recording mode, but the 4S doesn’t and seems to be the oldest of the three.

    Also when comparing the three iPhones, the FaceTime camera feature has an equal standing on the iPhone 5S and 5C at 1.2MP photos and 720 pixels in HD for video recording, but the 4S has a VGA-resolution for photos and video. The 4S also has a HVGA resolution at 480×320, whereas the 5S and 5C have a 480x 368 HVGA resolution.

    The iPhone 4S series has a talk time up to eight hours on 3G, a standby time up to 200 hours, and its Internet usage goes up to six hours on 3G and nine on Wi-Fi. The iPhone 5S and 5C both go up to 10 hours on 3G as compared to the 4S time of eight. The Standby time for the 5S and 5C goes up to 250 hours; Internet usage up to eight hours on 3G and 10 hours on LTE and Wi-Fi.

    The 4S iPhone has some significant differences compared to the 5s and 5c, but there aren’t that many differences between the iPhone s and 5c.

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    Receive Fantastic Service with AT&T U-verse 

    Exactly about Uverse from AT&T. This article will give you more info regarding U-verse.

    Receive Fantastic Service with  AT&T Uverse

    What’s Uverse?

    Uverse is a service that is supplied by AT&T. Uverse is now presented to more than 22 states. AT&T released the service plan back in the year of 2006.


    Chronological Order of AT&T Uverse

    By the time early 2007 came, U-Verse was in fact available to almost 3 million households across the U . S .. The service was also provided to several cities that very same yr., including Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Oklahoma City, San Diego as well as Detroit and Cleveland.

    Just by 2008, U-Verse voice was released. Detroit citizens were the first to be able to get U-Verse Voice, and approximately 200,000 locals took benefit of the service plan and signed up. At one point in time, about 10,000 brand-new installations were actually performed every single week.

    By the yr. 2011, more than 4 million people were enrolled in U-Verse TV, more than two million U-Verse Voice subscribers and around 7 million High Speed Internet subscribers.


    Package Offers of AT&T Uverse

    U-Verse has six types of packages for you to pick from. The lowest priced plan is the Internet Package that amounted to less than 20 per month.

    From the Internet Plan next is the U-Family Plan. This type of plan contains DVR, and you could even add a monthly premium and get it free for approximately 90 days. This sort of plan costs you approximately thirty-dollars per month that is certainly very affordable.

    The TV along with Internet Bundle can be subscribed for approximately $50 monthly, as the TV plus Internet plus Phone Package will set you back $79 every month. A downstream speeds of 6MBPs is offered in either bundles, though a 250 minutes’ worth of call time is actually included to the TV, Internet and Phone Bundle.

    The last two package deals for U-Verse are the Max TV plus Internet package and then the Max TV plus Internet plus Phone plan. A downstream speeds of 18MBPs is provided within both bundle.

    Device Inclusions to the Customer

    U-Verse subscribers are assured that AT&T will supply the suitable equipment they demand. The customers are offered a choice to either rent out their equipment for a fee every month or maybe pay it off full which includes a warranty good for 1 year. U-Verse customers will receive a wireless router, modem as well as TV receivers (with respect to the package they subscribe) developed by Cisco and Motorola.


    U-Verse: Where to get It

    It’s very simple to enroll for U-Verse. You can check out AT&T’s website and pick U-Verse to subscribe for your very own U-Verse. It’s available in 22 states, therefore you better ensure that you are residing in those locations to obtain this service. After making certain that the service is offered in your local area, now you may begin selecting for the package that you would like. Any company representative should then see your area to install the ideal items for the package you have decided. And then you can begin taking advantage of all of the features of your U-Verse.

    It’s advisable to do some research on buying alternatives for signing up for a Uverse plan. Consumers will find active inducements for Uverse products on a variety of other sites. For example, has coupons and deals for many AT&T u-verse services. Coupon codes are a good way for clients to lower the cost of their Uverse purchase.


    If you’d like quality service that’s worth your financial budget then U-Verse is ideal for you. If you are searching for a good deal on Internet, Phone and TV bundle, your search is over, U-Verse is the service made exclusively for you.

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    Samsung Upgrades FiOS TV App 

    According to Business Wire, subscribers of Verizon’s FiOS TV and Internet services can now watch 75 live channels, and over 25,000 FlexView movies and television shows with Samsung’s updated FiOS TV application.
    Samsung Upgrades FiOS TV App
    Samsung led the way as the first TV manufacturer to provide the FiOS TV app, which allows customers to watch TV without the use of a cable or set-top box that connects the TV to the provider network. LG gave consumers the first platform to watch FiOS TV’s expanded offerings on their app in November 2012, according to PR Newswire, up from the initial 26 channels and 20,000 FlexView offerings debuted by Samsung in July.

    A highlight of the expanded channels on Samsung’s app includes Comedy Central, CNN, Disney, Food Network, Fox Business, HGTV, MTV, Spike, TBS and TNT, as well as additional subscription services such as Cinemax and HBO. According to Verizon’s website, FiOS TV apps are currently available on xBox for xBox LIVE Gold subscribers, and on Samsung and LG’s compatible Smart TVs and Blu-ray players.

    The trend of watching internet video content on a TV set is what the tech industry calls going “over the top” of traditional cable or broadcast TV, according to The Verge. TV streaming services for paying customers are part of an industry-wide initiative called TV Everywhere.

    Do you have a Samsung smartphone and are now interested in Verizon FiOS so you can take advantage of this app?  Save on your purchase with a <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Verizon FiOS promotion code 2013</a> and get a real deal.

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    Virgin Mobile Promo Code 

    Looking for Virgin Mobile promo codes? You have stopped by the right place. We have put together the best list of Virgin Mobile promo codes, so you can stretch your dollar and talk time further than ever. With this mobile companies hot new phones on the market, there’s no better time to activate your new Virgin Mobile service or even upgrade your phone. All of these Virgin Mobile promo codes are valid on their website. Couple these promo codes with their new Beyond Talk plans to maximize your savings. Pick your favorite, sit back, and enjoy the savings. Simply click the link below to activate the promo code.

    Virgin Mobile Promotion Codes

    Offer #1 - Click here to find killer phones, great plans + FREE Shipping at Virgin Mobile!

    Offer #2 - Click here to get the MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot for only $99.99! (see restrictions)

    Offer #3 - Click here to get the LG Optimus V, powered by Android, for only $129.99!

    Offer #4 - Click here to get 1500 Minutes, 1500 Messages & 30MB Web Access for $30/Month!

    Offer #5 - Click here to order Broadband2Go by Virgin Mobile. You’ll get 3G mobile broadband access on the go with no contracts and you only pay for what you need.

    Virgin Mobile Review

    Virgin Mobile has been a great wireless carrier for me. Because they are part of the Sprint network and utilize the same towers, reception is pretty great. I love having no contract or hidden fees; their Beyond Talk plan is exactly what I needed. I can browse the internet on my Android phone and text till my thumbs fall off. The customer service is better than average. I rarely have no signal or roaming charges; technical difficulties are unusual for me. The Virgin Mobile promo codes have helped me save more money than I already am on their competitive rates. It is always nice to save a few extra dollars. I have had Virgin Mobile for about two and a half years with no major problems to speak of. I am on my second handset. I have the Motorola Triumph; I cannot say enough about how good it is.

    I would recommend Virgin Mobile to everyone. They have been a solid wireless carrier for me. They have a good selection of phones; every time I get on the website there seems to be a bigger selection. As Sprint is growing and acquires more towers, Virgin Mobile will also increase in signal availability and strength. I love Virgin Mobile’s Kickback Program. I have earned a substantial amount of free airtime through this program. Not only is Virgin Mobile in the wireless phone business, but they also care about the community. Right now they are working to end youth homelessness. All the details can be found on their website. They have delivered an abundance of clothing and blankets to the homeless of the United States through a texting campaign. By a simple text, I was able to donate toward such a great cause.

    Virgin Mobile also has a mobile wireless card for laptops. While I have yet to try this device, I have heard numerous good things about it, and it is next on my Virgin Mobile must have list. This card uses the same data as Sprint, but is much more affordable. There are often Virgin Mobile promo codes available for data as well as talk time.

    Ordering online will score you great deals. Purchasing in a traditional store or over the phone will not get you the same deal that you can get online. The promo codes can only be used on the official Virgin Mobile website. If you would prefer to call them, they can be reached at 1-888-322-1122. Email can be also used for general questions. That form can be found at the bottom of their webpage under the “Contact Us” section.

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    Mindjet Promo Code 

    MindManager 2012 for Windows - Try it free

    If you are looking for the latest Mindjet offers, then look no further! Check out the current Mindjet promo codes and offers, including a FREE 30-day trial. With the Mindjet software solution, users can increase productivity and collaboration in virtually any project. If there is no promo code listed, then all you have to do is to click through the link to activate the deal.

    Mindjet Promo Codes and Offers updated for June, 2012

    Offer #1Click here for all of the current Mindjet Offers!

    Offer #2Click here for a FREE 30-day trial, MAC or PC. 

    About Mindjet

    Mindjet software is used by more than 2 million people, and is also used at thousands of companies, including some of the top companies worldwide. Mindjet’s corporate headquarters is in San Francisco, and they have offices in Australia, Asia and all throughout Europe.

    Mindjet’s main software program, MindManager, helps users to go from inception to action by allowing users to map out the brainstorming process. By doing so, users can visually see how to build a plan and go from idea to implementation.

    The MindManager software is available for both PC and MAC, and comes in a number of solutions for such business enterprises as Marketing, Consulting, IT, HR, Sales and more.

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    T-Mobile Promotion Code and Deals 

    T-Mobile is a leading U.S. cell phone service provider. T-Mobile competes fiercely on price with its service plans and phones. T-Mobile has deals from many marketing channels including the T-Mobile online store, TV commercials, direct mail/email offers, newspapers and magazines ads, and stores. We review all of the offers and publish the best deals for you to easily select the least expensive option. We show you the best T-Mobile deals and even a T-Mobile Promotion Code when available. Use T-Mobile Wireless coupons, T-Mobile Promotion Code, and T-Mobile internet coupons to receive substantial discounts on your cell phone purchase. T-Mobile offers many great deals on the internet which are not available in its other selling channels. Shopping to buy your cell phone on the internet will enable you to obtain the best price. You may have to combine a new offer with a T-Mobile promo code; however, many of the best deals do not require a promotion code.

    Offer #1 - Click here to get the Nokia X2 (refurbished) for FREE (Web-only price) + FREE Shipping! (see restrictions)

    Offer #2 - Click here to get the LG DoublePlay for FREE with FREE shipping.

    Offer #3 - Click here to see all of the FREE T-Mobile Phone deals.

    Offer #4 - Click here to see all of the T-Mobile Phone Deals.

    Offer #5 - Click here to see the T-Mobile Web-Exclusive Phone Deals.

    Offer #6 - Click here to check out the Prepaid Phones & Devices with no hidden fees, no long-term contracts, more minutes and the coolest phones.

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    Verizon Wireless Coupons and Deals 

    Following is a comprehensive listing of the latest – and greatest Verizon promo code offerings that are currently available. It represents our colossal collective effort to streamline the selection process for busy, beleaguered consumers constantly bombarded from all sides by Verizon coupon vendors.

    –>Limited time: All 4G LTE Smartphones get double data at no additional cost!
    –>Limited time: See all of the Verizon Wireless Deals .
    –>Limited time: See all of the FREE Verizon Wireless phone offers.

    1) Click here to get deals and amazing prices on amazing devices!
    2) Click here to see the Apple iPhone 4S.
    3) Check out all of the new deals on Verizon Certified Pre-Owned phones.
    4) Click here to save up to 30% off Accessories.
    5) Check out the Motorola Droid Razr for $199.99.
    6) and all of the Apple iPads.
    7) Check out the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung now online for only $199.99 w/ 2-yr activation and data pack.
    8.) You can grab a LG Enlighten for FREE after $50 Online Discount and $49.99 Promo Discount w/ activation. Can’t do better than free!
    9) Check out the deal on the Pantech Hotshot for $119.99 after $50 Online Discount.
    10) and the Pantech Breakout for $29.99 after $50 Online Discount.
    11) Now available! Click here to get the latest and greatest 4G tablets that you have been waiting for.
    12) and the Samsung DROID Charge for FREE after $50 online discountand $99.99 promo discount.
    13) and the Motorola DROID Pro that allows you to View and edit documents on the fly, blaze through the web, and plow through your e–mail quickly and efficiently for FREE after $50 Online Discount and $99.99 Promo Discount.
    14) and the Motorola DROID X2 for $49.99 after $50 online discount.
    15)and the Motorola DROID 4 with 5–row keyboard for $199.99.
    16) Check out the good deal on the Samsung Illusion with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 1GHz Processor, and Pre-loaded with Slacker Radio for FREE after $50 online discount and $79.99 promo discount.
    17) and the Blackberry Curve 9330 w/ Social Messaging with 2.0 MP Camera, Media Player, QWERTY Keyboard, Preloaded Facebook 2.0, MySpace, and Twitter Apps, and Preloaded instant messaging apps for FREE after $50 online discount and $49.99 promo discount (ends 5/1).
    18) Good deal on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play which provides a console quality experience and quality game play with dedicated gaming controls for FREE after $50 online discount and $49.99 promo discount.
    19) and the Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect for FREE after $19.99 promo discount. The Home Phone Connect provides a nice alternative to a land-line and connects using cellular technology. The device is also mobile so you can cart around your home number and you can keep your current number.
    20) Check out the Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L which is 4G LTE Mobile Broadband and Mobile Broadband capable and connects up to 5 Wi–Fi enabled devices at one time for FREE after $50 online discount and $49.99 promo discount.
    21) Good deal on the Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem 551L which provides 4G speeds at up to 10X faster than 3G, and wide area, wireless connectivity from virtually anywhere for $19.99 after $50 online discount.
    22) A great deal on the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx for $199.99 w/ free shipping with ultra-slim design, dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 4G LTE network, 4.3″ Super AMOLED advanced display, and HDMI/Mirror Mode.

    No matter where today’s mobile consumers may turn or roam, Verizon discount codes dot the horizon. From televised ads to Cyberspace or right within one’s own mailbox, one never needs to venture very far to find a Verizon wireless promotional code. Like any informed decision, choosing the ideal Verizon promo code inheres and requires sufficiently accurate, recent information.

    The following list reveals the precise savings potential that the respective Verizon promo codes represent. Highlighting facilitates easier, faster high discount identification.

    Verizon promo codes and deals:

    Following is a comprehensive listing of the latest – and greatest Verizon promo code offerings that are currently available. It represents our colossal collective effort to streamline the selection process for busy, beleaguered consumers constantly bombarded from all sides by Verizon coupon vendors. No matter where today’s mobile consumers may turn or roam, Verizon discount codes dot the horizon. From televised ads to Cyberspace or right within one’s own mailbox, one never needs to venture very far to find a Verizon wireless promotional code. Like any informed decision, choosing the ideal Verizon promo code inheres and requires sufficiently accurate, recent information. The following list reveals the precise savings potential that the respective Verizon promo codes represent. Highlighting facilitates easier, faster high discount identification. Verizon promo codes and deals:

    Two-pronged approach to proper Verizon promo code selection

    Diamond connoisseurs employ a “four C” approach when evaluating a particular gem’s relative quality. Serious bargain seekers in search of the best wireless service that finite budgetary resources can be must take a similar tack that could realistically be called “Two C’s:”

    • Combination

    It is always worthwhile to attempt the simultaneous application of new-service incentives with any other applicable Verizon promo discount code(s). Most new business incentive promotions exclude other discount offers. Many exceptions and common loopholes to this typical rule appear to those who invest a modicum of effort and time, however.

    • Concentration

    Define your particular needs before deciding on any wireless service plan or package. Determine all product features and service options that best fit your budget and personal usage pattern in advance. After accurately ascertaining all these data, peruse only those Verizon wireless promo codes that suit your overall profile. Concentrate only on the deepest discounts that offer the best overall value. Resist the temptation to deviate from your previously devised approach with “attractive” discounts for superfluous features that you do not need or desire.

    Verizon promo code application instructions:

    1) Use your computer’s mouse or touchpad to highlight your desired Verizon discount code(s).

    2) Select your desired service plan.

    3) Upon arriving at the checkout page, simply paste your Verizon promo code into the appropriate field displayed.

    4) Click on “Apply” to confirm proper application of the discount code to final price.

    Cutting telephone costs absent any loss

    Purchasing a cellular telephone can significantly increase communications costs. Initial deposits required to start smart phone service often total several hundred dollars. Taxes, add-ons fees, and over usage charges drive the tally even higher. We have not even broached the matter of mobile apps that enhance productivity or entertainment, of course.

    Nobody likes lock-ins

    Prolonged contractual obligation is another major disadvantage of outright cell phone purchase. Buyers are typically bound for two long years. Early termination or pre-expiration upgrade fees can be quite high.

    Everyone loves cost-efficiency

    This means that those who like to “keep up with the Joneses” by sporting the latest communications innovations must pay a high premium for the privilege. Perennial “fad followers” likewise pay a phenomenal price for their fetish for carrying fancy conversation pieces. Verizon promo product codes are a primary means of circumventing this circumstance. Staying abreast of applicable handset price discounts can make cell phone acquisitions feasible that would otherwise be impossible.

    How do I benefit from buying Verizon online instead of a local retail outlet?

    Nearly anything a consuming heart desires is available online. Believe it or not, virtual online platforms offer many benefits for both venders and consumers. Cost is the chief advantageous aspect for all interested parties.

    • Valuable vicarious savings

    Online e-commercial venues entail very low overhead as opposed to traditional stick-and-brick retail outlets. Thus, merchants may pass their own savings right along to prospective buyers. Printed coupons are not only expensive to produce and distribute but fierce competition leads to nearly instantaneous obsolescence. Online Verizon promotional codes are easily revisable to any indicated market direction.

    • Buyers make out like bandits

    The availability of online Verizon promo codes likewise benefits buyers. In addition to overall cost reduction, adequate marketplace competition assurance is a big buyer advantage of online Verizon promo code availability.

    Distance is no deterrent

    A simple search engine query instantly reveals all the most recently released Verizon wireless promo codes and discount coupons. Conducting meaningful side-by-side comparisons is also a veritable “snap” – thanks to technologically advanced Internet-based website templates.

    Say “Bye, bye” to buyer’s remorse

    No longer do consumers need to worry or ponder over whether they obtained the best possible price. Long gone are the days of striking an apparent “bargain” – only to hear of a much better deal the next day. Perhaps the best part of shopping via virtual Verizon platforms is privacy. Prospective purchasers may shop at their leisure and convenience – without waiting for stores to open or battling long lines and pushy salespeople.

    Time is no obstacle

    Using an online Verizon promo code allows buyers to reap the benefits of lower prices for already discounted service and merchandise very promptly. Verizon features free overnight shipping to accommodate its more impatient patrons or those whose needs are urgent.

    An overview of Verizon Wireless online

    An acquaintance once saved several hundred dollars by using two Verizon Wireless online coupon codes to buy two refurbished cell phones. This exposure to such a positive Verizon online encounter led to the list of helpful hints featured below:

    Rule 1:

    Select a phone that is likely to satisfy your needs for several years to come. Typical two-year contracts usually justify a somewhat higher initial outlay than one might have originally envisioned.

    Rule 2:

    Search for an identical refurbished version of your desired model. Many consumers are skeptical of restored products as mere inherited problems. I fully endorse and wholeheartedly embrace them, however. Verizon offers a full line of previously owned phones that meet or exceed more than 100 performance and quality specifications.

    All Verizon refurbished phones must also pass comprehensive pre-sale electronic and manual functionality inspections. Verizon’s 14-day return policy for refurbished products provides an additional layer if such intensive measures fail to fully satisfy the customer.

    Rule 3:

    Peruse this page to for frequent updates about Verizon promo code availability. Many daily visitors report routinely finding discount offers worth up to 30 percent off regular product prices. Free shipping codes and deep discounts for highly coveted Android devices are usually available as well. In fact, many model prices fall into “Free Zones” within mere months of initial release.

    Do you have any tips for saving with Verizon Wireless?

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    Straight Talk Promo Codes 

    Straight Talk is a brand of TracFone Wireless, one of the largest wireless providers in the US. Straight Talk provides reliable Nationwide coverage from Coast to Coast.

    Straight Talk is designed to do exactly what it says, provide everything most people need in a cell phone, without a contract. There are currently two no-contract plans from which to choose.

    • All you Need Plan - $30 a month – 1000 minutes, 1000 text or multimedia messages, and 30MB of data transfer
    • Unlimited Plan - $45/month – Unlimited Minutes, Messages and Data Nationwide anytime and calls to 411 at no additional charge.

    We have collected all of the best Straight Talk Promo Codes and Deals to get big discounts for you. There are a lot of promotional codes available from Straight Talk. Of course, the best coupon or deal provides a discount on a phone that you want. If your favorite phone does not have a special deal or coupon discount, check back in a few days since new deals and discounts are always being offered.

    Offer #1 - Click here to get FREE Ground Shipping when you purchase any Straight Talk Phone!

    Offer #2 - Click here to get the NEW Android powered Samsung Galaxy Precedent for $129.99!

    Offer #3 - Click here to get a FREE phone when you purchase the LG220C (refurbished) with the All You Need Bundle for only $30! (see restrictions)

    Offer #4 - Click here to keep your Phone & Cut your Cell Phone Bill in Half by purchasing a Straight Talk SIM Card!

    How to use your Straight Talk Promo Codes

    1. Select and copy the the Straight Talk code you need.
    2. At checkout, paste the promo code into the promo code box.
    3. Click “Apply” and confirm that the discount the discount has been applied.

    Our updated Straight Talk Coupons are reviewed on a regular basis. It is imperative for us to keep our promotional codes up to date, and to keep you the visitor satisfied. Straight Talk coupons are always verified. Always follow the link provided to make sure the discount is properly applied. If the discount is not applied at checkout, re-enter the promo code or clear your cookies and click through our link again. Most Straight Talk discounts do not use coupons but are deals with the discounts directly applied. Our links will take you directly to the discounted deals.

    Straight Talk Wireless Contact Information

    Phone -877-430-CELL (2355)

    Email –

    Correspondence – Straight Talk, Inc, Attention - Executive Resolution Department, 9700 NW 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178

    You can learn more about Straight Talk on their wiki page.

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    Tracfone Promo Codes 

    Tracfone Promo Codes

    Tracfone is the #1 prepaid cell phone provider in the U.S. with over 11 million subscribers. Tracfone gives you the ability to control how much you spend and when you spend it. Tracfone provides great coverage by having its signals carried on towers of over 30 major carriers around the U.S.

    Check out this site to find a Tracfone promo code. We have collected all of the Tracfone promotional codes to get you the best discount and deals. Review the latest offers from Tracfone. If there is no promo code displayed, simply click the link to activate the coupon discount.

    Tracfone Promo Codes List

    Offer #1 - Click here to get a FREE Phone when you purchase the LG401G (reconditioned)/60 Minute Card Bundle for only $19.99!

    Offer #2 - Click here to see Tracfone’s latest deals!

    Offer #3 - Click here to get the Samsung T245G + Double Minutes for Life for only $19.99!

    Our Tracfone Coupons are reviewed regularly. We ensure that the most current Tracfone offers are provided on our site. Tracfone coupons and Tracfone deals are what we do. To activate a Tracfone code, please follow the link to the Tracfone deal, and the discount will appear during checkout. If the discount is not reflected, please enter the Tracfone coupon code when prompted during checkout to receive the Tracfone deal.

    Go to Tracfone’s Wiki page to learn more.

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    AT&T UVerse Coupon Code 

    AT&T U-verse coupon codes and promotional codes are offered to those customers who sign-up online. You’ll find the best AT&T U-verse coupons and promotional offers listed below. As you will see, ordering online enables you to get the best discounts arounds. AT&T U-verse typically offers more promotions than they do actual coupons, so all you need to do is click on one of the links below to get your discount. Review the AT&T U-verse coupons, and find a promotion that meets your needs. If a coupon code is required, enter it at checkout, and verify that the discount was applied.

    Promotions for June, 2012

    Offer #1 - Click here to see all of the AT&T U-verse offers and get up to $250 in promotion cards when you order U-verse deals online! Also, no activation fee! TV/Internet activation fee is waived for online orders only.

    Offer #2 - Click here to get U-family TV, Internet Pro and Voice 250 for $79/mo for 12 months, and receive a $250 promotion card!

    Offer #3 - Click here for the U-family TV and Internet Pro deal with HD-ready DVR, downstream speeds up to 3.0 Mbps for $49/month for 6 months. You also receive a $150 promo card.

    Offer #4 - Click here to get U-family TV for $29/month for 6 months, including up to 130 channels and a DVR + get a $50 promo card!

    Offer #5 - Click here for existing AT&T wireless customers to save a bundle by adding U-verse TV and Internet to their wireless service for only $49/mo for 12 months.

    Offer #6 - Click here to save on DSL Direct when you bundle it with wireless from AT&T, all without the need for local phone service starting at $14.95/mo for 12 months! (see restrictions)

    Offer #7 - Click here to get AT&T’s latest Bundle deals online!

    AT&T U-verse experience

    The reviews for AT&T U-verse from DSLReports have been favorable. Often cited are good HD channel selection, a DVR that lets you record up 4 shows at once. Moreover, the HD quality has been reported as very good. In addition you receive a 30 day money-back guarantee and a professional standard installation included with U-family or higher TV packages.

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    Verizon FiOS Deals 2012 

    Verizon FiOS Deals for 2012

    1. See all of the Verizon Bundles and Special Offers. If you do not want FiOS and would like to see the Standard Broadband Offers, click on the “Standard Offers” tab on the navigation bar in the middle of the page.

    2. Verizon FIOS Triple Play Deal – this Verizon FiOS Triple Play deal offers phone, TV, and FIOS Internet service for just $84.99 for 2 yrs with a 2 year contract (exp 6/2). Includes $250 Visa prepaid card, your option to add HBO + Cinemax at 50% off for 12 months, a wireless router at no additional cost ($34.99 value), start-up costs including all activation and installation are fees waived, and $15 discount per month for 24 months.

    3. Verizon FIOS Double Play Deal – this Verizon FiOS Double Play deal offers FiOS TV and FiOS Internet service for just $79.99 per month for 1 year with no contract (exp 6/16).

    4. Verizon Business Bundle – starting at $79.99 per month includes High Speed or FiOS Internet + Business Phone with Unlimited Nationwide calling, $200 American Express Reward Card, $5/month online discount, a wireless router at no additional cost, no activation fee, and is available with a choice of no term contract or a two year agreement.

    5. Verizon High Speed Triple Play Deal – for $69.99 per month (2-year DIREC-TV contract required) including Verizon Internet + DIRECTV + Verizon Phone and more!

    6. Verizon Double Play Deal – Phone And High Speed Internet with this you get Verizon unlimited regional and local phone calling and Internet service for just $34.99 per month for 1 yr.

    7. Verizon High Speed Internet – for only $19.99/month with no contract, but you must have existing Verizon home phone service to get the deal. Also receive a wireless router at no additional cost ($34.99 value).

    How do you find new Verizon FiOS promo codes?

    For Verizon FiOS deals you typically do not need a promotion code. If there is one, we will absolutely provide it, but in most cases you can just click on one of our links to get one of our exclusive online promotions. If Verizon does provide a promotion code, it will be a multi digit code that you enter at checkout to get the discount.

    What do you get with the Verizon Triple Play bundle?

    With Verizon FiOS triple you get 3 services packaged together in one nice bundle. The 3 services include broadband internet, FiOS TV service, and home phone service. Again, for the bundle all of these services are packaged in one deal. It also adds the convenience of receiving one low cost bill and making one easy payment.

    What are the contract terms for Verizon FiOS bundles and offers?

    Verizon has many different bundles, pretty much something for everyone. Verizon has packages with no contract required, and they also have term contracts which offer rewards for your 1 or 2 year commitment.

    How do I know if FiOS is available in my location?

    You can determine your FIOS eligibility online. Simply enter your address and Verizon will automatically determine whether you are eligible for Verizon FIOS in your area. If FIOS is not available, you may still be able to get a Verizon Triple play offer with DSL internet service.

    What is the monthly cost for Verizon FIOS?

    Determining your monthly cost for FIOS is dependent on many factors such as lease fees for set top boxes, FIOS package add-ons like HBO, etc. There are also state and local taxes which can vary depending on your location. There are also maybe one time installation charges if you need FIOS in rooms which have not been wired.

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    A Quick Guide About Sprint Promo Codes 

    You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for accurate Sprint promo codes. We’ve conducted extensive research to help you find the most timely and most accurate Sprint promo codes around. These deals are available by accessing a Sprint promo code that can help you save money on shipping, phones and other merchandise offered by Sprint. We’ve also included Sprint promo codes that offer free Sprint products to those who qualify.

    When you click on the links below, you will be taken to Sprint’s website to complete your order. As a result, be sure to click on Sprint promo codes that are most interesting to you to expedite the ordering process.

    Check out these Sprint deals!

    Offer #1 - Click here to see all of the Great Cell Phone Deals at Sprint.

    Offer #2 - Click here to get the Kyocera Brio™ for FREE with 2-yr Agreement Instant Savings + Web Special (see restrictions). Get FREE Shipping for new lines of service and upgrades.

    Offer #3 - Click here to get the Motorola XPRT for FREE with 2-yr Agreement Instant Savings. (see restrictions) Get FREE Shipping for new lines of service and upgrades.

    Offer #4Click here to get the Express from Sprint™ for FREE with 2-yr Agreement Instant Savings + Web Special (see restrictions). Get FREE Shipping for new lines of service and upgrades.

    Offer #5 - Click here to get the Samsung Transform Ultra for only $49.99 after 2-year Agreement Instant Savings + Mail-in Rebate via Reward Card. Get FREE Shipping for new lines of service and upgrades.

    Offer #6 - Click here to get a FREE LG Optimus S with 2-yr Agreement Instant Savings + Web Special. Get FREE Shipping for new lines of service and upgrades.

    Offer #7 - Click here to get the Samsung Replenish for FREE with 2-yr Agreement Instant Savings and $50 off Web Special with $10 per month off your wireless service! Get FREE Shipping for new lines of service and upgrades.

    Offer #8 - Click here to get the Everything Data Plan that gives you unlimited data, messages and calls to any mobile, anytime while on the Sprint Network. That’s access to over 250 million U.S. mobile phones nationwide!

    Offer #9 - Click here to get a FREE Samsung Conquer 4G with 2-yr Agreement Instant Savings + New Line Savings. Get FREE Shipping for new lines of service and upgrades.

    Offer #10 - Click here to get Internet-to-go with the MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless for only $49.99 with 2-yr Agreement Savings + Mail-in Rebate via Reward Card. Connection plans start at $34.99/mo. (see restrictions)

    Here are some hints that can help you take full advantage of these Sprint promo codes.

    • Be sure to read through the requirements before you choose to redeem a Sprint promo code. Reading through these details in advance can help you understand the financial requirements needed to obtain the promotional items.
    • Be sure to find a Sprint promo code that meets your needs and budget efficiently. It’s tempting to redeem the first Sprint promo code you see online. However, you could be better off shopping around for Sprint promo codes that meet your budget and tastes. This is the case because you can save money by avoiding Sprint phones that offer services your family does not need or want.
    • Be sure that your order is ready to go before you redeem Sprint promo codes. Some people have difficulty using Sprint promo codes because they forget to finalize their orders before they hit the “Submit” button. You can avoid this trouble by double-checking the details of your order prior to hitting the “Submit” button. To do this, be sure to take a look at your name, address, Sprint promo code information and order information for errors. Doing these things can help you use Sprint promo codes successfully because it ensures all of your order information is used correctly when you redeem a Sprint promo code.
    • Be sure that you are using a valid Sprint promo code when completing an order. Some people have a hard time using Sprint promo codes because they either accidentally mistype a code or use a code that’s non-existent. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to use Sprint promo codes from websites such ours. This is the case, because we’ve done the work of finding and activating Sprint promo codes for you. This allows you to shop for Sprint devices with confidence, because you won’t have to worry about finding a proper Sprint promo code to save money. As a result, be sure to try out one of Sprint promo codes today to see how easy it is to save money on Sprint phones.
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    Carbonite Offer Codes and Deals for 2012 

    Our site has the best Carbonite offer codes and greatest deals for your biggest discounts and lowest prices. Carbonite makes available some great offers and deals ranging from discounted prices to free trials plus discounted prices. Few deals will require an offer code, so just click through our links to receive your best price.

    Carbonite is a leading provider of online backup that provides unlimited ability to protect photos, music and documents for individuals and families. Carbonite Online Backup is a secure, affordable solution to protect your files from hard drive crashes, fire, flood, theft and other data disasters. Know that your photos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, contacts and other important files can be recovered anytime, anywhere.

    You get unlimited backup space for a flat, affordable price. Simply download Carbonite. and forget about it. Carbonite takes care of everything for you.

    • Automatic – backs up files as you work, without slowing you down
    • Reliable – easy, hassle-free file recovery when you need it
    • Secure – same encryption as banks to guarantee privacy
    • Unlimited – same low price no matter how much you want to back up
    • Convenient – Retrieve your backed up files over the internet with Carbonite remote access.

    Carbonite works in the background, backing up new and changed files whenever your computer is connected to the internet, so you never have to remember to backup.

    Offer #1Click here to save 10% on a 1-year subscription, 12% on a 2-year subscription, or 21% on a 3-year subscription.

    Offer #2Click here to start your FREE Trial! Try Carbonite FREE for 15 days, risk free and no credit card required.

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    Getting a Great Deal on a Cell Phone 

    It seems like everyone has a cell phone these days, and for good reason. They’re convenient, allowing you to keep in touch with family, friends, and people with whom you do business. They’re also a good source of entertainment. Depending on the model you choose, you can take pictures, access the internet, listen to music, watch movies or use any number of useful or fun apps.

    Finding the right cell phone for your needs isn’t always as fun. Different phones have different features, and each cell phone service provider offers a variety of deals through which you have to sort. You want to get the best phone for your needs as well as the best service you can get for a price you’re willing to pay. The search for the perfect phone and provider can require a lot of legwork. Searching online will save both time and energy. It can save money as well through the use of online promo codes and coupons.

    Choosing a Cell Phone Provider

    If you need a service provider, it’s often wise to start your search by comparing the cell phone carriers that are available in your area. Start by looking at prices, coverage area and the brands of phones that they offer. Coverage area is probably the most important factor. It’s no good having a fancy phone if you can’t get a signal in the places you go the most.

    You have to consider the upfront costs of starting service with a provider as well as the monthly costs for voice, text and data usage. Most of the major cell phone service providers offer promo codes to help offset these costs. For example, by searching online, you can easily find a Verizon promo code, Straight Talk promo code, Tracfone promo code, or Virgin Mobile promo code. Each of these providers offers good service and decent prices that are even better with the discount offered by the promo codes.

    Another consideration in choosing your cell phone service provider is the speed they offer. While talking and texting is pretty much the same from one phone to another, data transfer is another story. Some carriers offer 3G speeds while others offer 4G. It may seem like a simple choice. Faster is usually better, isn’t it? But you also have to consider whether the faster speed is available in your area and whether you’re willing to pay a higher price for it.

    Choosing a Cell Phone

    Once you know what provider you want to go with, you need to choose which phone they offer that will suit your needs. There is a huge variety of phones on the market, giving you a number of choices to consider. For example, the size and weight of the phone is a big factor in how happy you’ll be with your purchase. If you’re frequently on the go, a small, pocket-sized phone might be important to you. Small phones have less screen room, so you might want a larger phone if you use it more for texting and entertainment than for phone calls.

    Whether or not the phone has a keypad and/or a full keyboard is another important consideration. Many smartphones come with touchscreens, which are often a “love it or hate it” feature. If you absolutely must have a keypad or full keyboard, you’ll have different phone options available to you than if you’d rather have a touchscreen.

    Battery length is another aspect of your cell phone purchase that you’ll want to keep in mind. If you stick close to home, office and car where you can easily charge your phone, a shorter battery life might be a decent trade-off for other features you want. On the other hand, if your life is constantly moving from one place to another, a long battery life will be one of the most important features in the phone you choose.

    Finally, the functions you need your phone to perform will help you decide which phone is best for you. Do you just need a way to call people? Go for a simple, no-frills cell phone with a low price. Do you use your cell phone to organize your life and run your business? Look into a Smartphone with a good data plan and plenty of low-cost or free apps.

    You can find coupons for many cell phones, phone accessories and shipping that will reduce your overall cost for a new phone. These coupons are often found on manufacturers’ and cell phone providers’ websites as well as the sites of retail sellers. Some promo codes from major providers, such as a Verizon promo code, Straight Talk promo code, Tracfone promo code, or Virgin Mobile promo code can help you get the best deal on your new phone.

    There are many factors to consider when getting a new phone, from the provider you will use to the type of phone you will get. By searching online, you can save time and make sure you find the best deal for what you need.

  • admin 4:03 pm on November 12, 2011 Permalink  

    Easy Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill 

    Nowadays, almost everyone uses a cellular phone. The trend makes sense, as cell phones allow for quick and convenient communication from any location and at any time of day. However, being more connected may have its downfalls as well. First and foremost, we are paying more than ever on our monthly cell phone bills as the number of phone calls we make and text messages we send increases. And while the need for a cell phone in your personal and professional life may not go away anytime soon, there are a number of ways to reduce the cost of cell phone usage while still allowing for quick and convenient communication with your friends, family and coworkers.

    Unfortunately for consumers, it is in the best interest of cell phone companies to increase our cell phone usage. These companies often find methods and loopholes for tricking us into paying more. This is why it is important to choose the correct cell phone plan. By far, the best rates are given for those with Family Plans. This works well for families or other groups of people, because you can get additional phones and minutes for reduced rates. In addition, calls to others in your family or group don’t cost you any extra minutes.
    If you own a small business, consider a family plan for you and your colleagues.
    On the other hand, heavy phone users may benefit most from unlimited plans. These plans allow you to call or text as much as you want and when you want for a flat fee. These plans generally cost the most, but can be well worth it if you’re on the phone constantly.
    Finally, pay-as-you-go plans often work best for those who don’t use their phones very often. Be sure to check with your carrier to make sure you are signed up for the plan that makes the most sense for your phone usage. Also, don’t hesitate to compare plans from multiple carriers. Your current carrier may even be willing to negotiate your rates with you if you threaten to switch to a new company.
    In addition to choosing the correct plan, always take advantage of free nights and weekends. Most carriers offer free minutes on specific days or during a set window of time on weeknights. Schedule long calls to family or old friends during these times. You can also stay connected to friends and family with free internet calling services such as Skype. These allow you to see the person you’re talking to instead of just hearing their voice (assuming your computer has a webcam), and they can even be used for office meetings and/or conference calls.
    Do you sometimes need to find an address on the run? Don’t call 411. Save money by using one of the following free directory assistance lines: 800-FREE-411, 800-411-METRO or 800-GOOG-411.
    Many phones with data plans have separate free services such as Google Maps. Google also offers a free text message directory service. Just send your question to GOOGLE (466543).

    And, do you really need all those bells and whistles? Cut down on buying ringtones and cancel your access to caller ID and three way calling. Evaluate whether you really need your expensive data plan. Often times, email can wait until you get to your computer. And finally, if you don’t have an unlimited plan, cut down on those text messages. They cost a lot, especially if you end up having a whole conversation via text. It’s much easier in many cases to make a phone call.

    At first, making some of these changes may seem daunting. Many people are used to having easy access to calling and email in any location and making calls when it is most convenient. First, think about the “good old days” of landlines or even the early days of cell phones. We got along just fine then! And don’t fret too much, because you don’t have to make all of these changes at once or even in the future. Simply finding the best cell phone plan or cutting down on a few things could save enough money to squeeze you back under your budget and make you feel better about your communication spending!

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